Hi Everyone!

Grateful to you all for connecting into the magazine this December and hoping you are all staying healthy and psychologically fit 🙂

I really would like to acknowledge you all for all your amazing work this year – I know that as Neurolanguage Coaches you have been not only helping your own brains but also assisting clients, family members and friends to come through this period reflecting on their brains too. And what a year!

I have really wanted to support you all as much as possible and we have had so many amazing touchbases through the year, sometimes quite emotional for us all and definitely bringing together like-minded educators from all over the world. One lady said to me today “I am so happy to have found colleagues, for years I was feeling so lonely and at last I have amazing colleagues worldwide”.

I do hope that all of you are able to have a peaceful, calm, quiet Christmas with your loved ones and I have every confidence that 2021 will be a totally different kettle of fish for us all 🙂

And I would finally like to give a warm heartfelt thank you to Sharyn, who has been our amazing editor for the magazine following her initiative to start this magazine for you all and whose passion and expertise gave birth to the Neurolanguage Collective magazine. Thank you so much Sharyn for all that you have done this past year and we are all wishing you a wonderful new period of your life with the freedom to realise each and every one of your dreams. You will be missed by us all.

Warm wishes to you all and may you all have an exceptional Christmas that will be engrained in your hippocampi forever more.