Last December I was having one of my usual friendly/business chats with Rachel, with no formal agenda but just a productive, enlightening and above all, “brain friendly” chat. Rachel really knows how the element of novelty triggers the amygdala and attracts attention. Maybe it was not previously thought of, an impulse of the moment, but the phrase “George do you want to become the new editor for our magazine?” struck several chords.

The chord of my teen-dream to become an investigative reporter, of my student years of journalistic action, interviewing famous artists and of my radio podcast productions. And now a new chord struck “on the table…” The complete coordination of a magazine! It took me two seconds to say “yes”. And that was a very conscious affirmation because the light in Rachel’s eyes lightened up my path once more. The path of passion in what you are doing, the path of communication and connection with people, the path of challenge.

Challenge because this magazine has been passed on to me with a great legacy. The legacy of its founder and previous editor Sharyn Collins, who gave birth to this little gem and raised it with very high standards. Our commitment to Sharyn and you, is to maintain and raise these standards even higher!

Two of the main changes we are bringing forward with this issue are:

    • To open the access to the NEUROLANGUAGE COLLECTIVE MAGAZINE for everyone. I know that the previous issues were open to everybody but now we will simplify the process. So, you won’t have to register to the NLC network (which you are more than welcome to do anytime anyway) so to read our articles . You simply click and read no matter where you find our posts.
    • Widen the context of the magazine for and beyond NLC. Neurolanguage Coaching is the ultimate student and brain friendly method. Any other knowledge, research, contribution that is directly or indirectly linked to that concept, will be more than welcome to our magazine. We want this magazine to become a forum of expression for “great minds” irrespective if they come from teaching, medical, psychology or any relevant backgrounds. Neurolanguage coaches will always be in the spotlight of our pages but we will try to enlarge this light so to encompass more specialists who can contribute to our endless journey of knowledge and development

So, off to a flying start for the first issue of 2021 with Rachel Paling and an interview about accomplishing the dream of her life time; the foundation for NLC and all the details around it.

Irene Viglia Atton is talking to us about the importance of the heart and why we should follow it.

Monica Barnes is giving us an interview from the hot frontline of Neurolanguage Coaching, giving details about her everyday reality and success as a NL coach.

Alexandra Popovski is making us travel to Japan through the basics of Ikigai and how this can be applied in todays’ classes.

Jorge Sette is filling our magazine with artistic finery and colour with his article on how to teach English through contemporary art.

Tatiana Rybalkina, the first NLC coach in Belarus, shares how and why she decided to move from conventional teaching to NLC.

Maria Laura Fuentes is taking us to Patagonia with her story, to meet an amazing painter, who is giving us one of the best life lessons you have ever read.

And last but not least, Curtis Kelly vividly and scientifically proves how movement can improve cognition and memory.

Buckle up! Our amazing journey to new galaxies of knowledge and insight has just started! Thank you in advance and enjoy the ride!