Hello Neurolanguage Coaches, I would like to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Tetyana Skrypina and I am from Kiev in Ukraine. I am going to be helping Rachel on the Facebook page for Neurolanguage Coaches and with Instagram. I would like to share with you my journey to Neurolanguage Coaching.

“What can I do so that my clients learn a foreign language better and faster?” This is the question I ask myself very often and I know that I am not alone in asking this of myself.

You may remember that some centuries ago we had a grammar-translation method, which was used in learning languages. It can still be useful in certain situations but we have moved on, as teachers have designed quicker and more effective ways of learning languages.
As a teacher, there came a point where I realized that I needed to get some extra education in speech-language pathology. During my studies, it became very clear that we do not `pay enough attention to the brains of our learners. All the learning processes happen in the brain. So why ignore it?

When I finally found Rachel online, we agreed to film an interview on Neurolanguage Coaching. I was so eager to know more about it, as it combines neuroscience and learning foreign languages.

We filmed three videos outlining the main principles of this new method, how one can become a certified as well as accredited Neurolanguage Coach, what books Rachel has written, as well as her experience of how she has learned 6 foreign languages. I was fascinated by her approach and totally convinced and so I decided to become a Neurolanguage Coach.

Rachel inspired me to study neuroscience. Shortly after the Neurolanguage Coaching Course, I started studying Neurological Speech Therapy at a Spanish university. I have completed it and become a certified neurological speech therapist. Now I am continuing my studies at that university, doing my master’s degree.

I am self-employed and work online. I coach English, Spanish, German, survival Hungarian, survival Turkish, Ukrainian, plus Russian as foreign languages.

Being a Neurolanguage Coach helps me to coach my clients in a faster, better, together with more effective way. In addition, I use exercises from neurological speech therapy to help my clients with speaking along with pronouncing sounds more accurately. For example, I had a client, who was going to travel to Spain for a holiday. She had to know some Spanish in a very short time. We outlined her needs, motivation, deadlines, learning styles, and set goals. Let me tell you that we had 5 hours of sessions online and when she returned, she called me and thanked me for her results. In Spain, she was able to communicate with people. Moreover, she was proud of herself. I am extremely happy that we got such a brilliant outcome.

So, that’s me and I look forward to reading your posts and seeing your photos on Facebook and hopefully meeting you all at the next conference.