Happy Neuro Year everyone!

The concept of time is quite bizarre at the moment! How many of you feel like time has become more distorted since the pandemic? I certainly feel that the last two years seem to have passed by in the blink of an eye, and yet here we are two years down the line! And over these two years, I know exactly how much knowing about neuroscience, the brain, emotional intelligence and coaching has equipped us all with tools and wisdom to come through this, not only for ourselves but also for all our learners, friends and family too. Top lessons learned from the past two years?

  1. It has grounded us all to sit in the present moment and feel we are in the NOW, rather than jumping from past to future in our minds. The most important moment of all, is indeed now! It is all we have, in fact.
  2. We are becoming masters at managing our need for certainty/safety with the letting go spontaneity of the moment. The ebb and flow, the give and take so often at the heart of a coaching conversation.
  3. Alone we can do nothing, together we can do so much – this beautiful quote from Hellen Keller echoes the power of community. And definitely over these last years, this Neurolanguage collective and now nicknamed “Neurohearters” worldwide are coming together and proving to be the most phenomenal community of like minded forward thinkers in education all across the world.

So, as we kick off the year with the new edition of the Neurolanguage Collective Magazine, once again expertly handpicked and steered by George Kokolas, I would like to bring in 2022 with new words and emotions to be realized and fulfilled throughout this year.

May your 2022 be :







Mind blowing




Jubilant New year to you all ?