Welcome to our 2nd edition of the Neurolanguage Collective Magazine and from all the ELC Team. I really would like to wish you all an amazing 2020 and an even more amazing start to the new decade!

When I look back over 2019, for me it was a year full of “first times”. January 2019 kicked off with my first ever long haul flight, the longest flight prior to that had been 5 hours to Egypt or the Canary Islands, so like a big kid, I started the year in awe and trepidation and absolutely loved it.

It was my first time in South America, visiting all those amazing countries: Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil. It was even my first time ever in North America. I had my first ever Argentinian Tango class, and I gazed at the stars through an enormous telescope in Chile and rode a sand buggy in the Peruvian desert and flew over the Nazca Lines; just as some highlights of the year.

I had no idea where 2019 and Neurolanguage would take me, but one thing I had clear when I started the year was my vision to deliver free voluntary talks about the brain and language learning wherever I could. For this I would like to give a special thanks to Isela Coronado, Ingrid Alza, Maria Laura Fuentes, Maria Rosa Salberry, Juan Carlos Campos, Angelica Campos, Vangelina Hernandez, Caro Morales, George Kokolas and Elena Pronina, who all wholeheartedly dedicated time and energy to help organise these talks and then time and energy accompanying me on them. A special thank you to Juan Carlos, as we took an almost 6 hours car ride to one of those talks and arrived nearly three hours later than planned. Unbelievably, the people at the university patiently waited for us to arrive – so grateful to all. In total, between conferences and free talks, I believe we have reached about 3000 educators including some civil servants from the government of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

And in 2019, we reached some unforgettable milestones. This magazine was launched in September and in November we hit the 500th person to have taken the Neurolanguage Coaching Course. In addition, the teacher trainers Cheryl, Clare, Margherita, Eva, Daniela and Katarzyna all delivered the course for the first time and in French, Italian and Czech languages.

We ended the year with that amazing moment, receiving Bronze in the Oscars of Education at the Reimagine Education Conference and Awards.

I have to thank all of you. I could not do any of this without each and every one of you and also the biggest thank you of all to go to Elsa, Gary and also Sharyn as part of this team helping to run this organisation.

And 2020?

The vision is :

  • to continue delivering free talks, spreading the word worldwide regarding the brain and language learning,
  • to develop the volunteer network so we can offer our services to people who really cannot afford this type of education,
  • to develop our Neurolanguage Digital Nomad Network worldwide,
  • to continue delivering the courses online, and more and more face to face opportunities with more of the Teacher Trainers delivering in their areas and also in different languages,
  • to start introducing more aspects of Neurolanguage Coaching and in particular the grammar delivery in schools with children and teenagers,
  • to bring in more research into our work,
  • to continue to bring the community alive. We are building a community that is supporting, helping and caring so that no one feels isolated or alone as a micro-entrepreneur wherever you are.

The 2020 chapter of the Neurolanguage Coaching book is yet to be written. Let us see what we can all contribute in this new amazing year and start of the decade, remembering that you are the educators in this decade who are bringing in this phenomenal shift in education. Wishing you all a brilliant year.

Warm wishes