My name is Galina, I am Bulgarian and I am a qualified Neurolangauge Coach. Some of you may al-ready know me from the conference in Portugal this year.

I run a small school in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria where I teach business people, mostly in the mornings and children in the afternoons. I love teaching children and of course, with my Neurolanguage training I know that one of the most important factors in learning is for students to be fully involved in what they do.Therefore my school is a project school where we do many weird and wonderful projects with other students all over the world through the miracle of technology.

Now I would like to give you a whirlwind tour of our last academic year, where you will see that we have all been very busy. If any fellow coach or prospective coach would like to know more details about my approach to teaching and how I set up all these projects, I would be delighted to help.

My students inspire me each and every day to DO more, BE more and Give more! I send my love to all of them. !

From September 2018 to May 2019, we learned a lot, participated in many interesting international projects and had a lot of fun! Here are some of the things that we did:

October 2018

Virtual field trip in Lisbon zoo “Who has stolen the princess crown?”- an amazing experience that taught us a lot about animals and their diet and all this happened while we were searching for the stolen crown.

“Everyday kindness project” – During the whole month of October we discussed the topic, read books about kindness, practiced brainstorming ideas and did different acts of kindness and at the end of October we shared our experience with kids from Japan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam who also participated in this project. A month that we won’t forget!

November 2018

An interview with an author – we read the book “Where are you hiding Charlie dog?” Written by Sue Pavey, did an interview with her and created an amazing poster about Charlie. Here the children showed their creativity and practiced prepositions and asking questions.

We are so grateful toSue Pavey for her warm interview with us, for reading her book to us, for showing us her dog and answering all our questions. It was an experience that we will remember!

Jolly English penguin flag that we designed and made for our ‘Penguin in the classroom’ project arrived on Ross Island, Antarctica and is now flown in front of the penguins. This is amazing!

We took part in the Global Skype-a- thon 2018 and connected with 4 countries. We will always re-member the Mystery Skype that we did with students from Miami, Florida, USA in which the students had to guess their countries and cities working with maps.

Yoga experience as a warm-up in the beginning of the lesson.

December 2018

We participated in the Global Season Greetings project by learning and singing the song Feliz Navidad and we are very proud to be part of this wonderful clip. Watch the clip:

December was the month of Todd Parr’s books. We read “The feeling book”, “It’s OK to be different “ and “The family book “ and we talked a lot about the emotions that we have and experience every day and how to deal with them and we also learned how to write a Thank You card.

We wrote letters and made Christmas cards for students in Japan. We were so happy and grateful to receive cards from Japan, to learn a lot about Japanese New Year, to see our names written in Japanese and to read about their meaning and to receive a lot of Origami.

January 2019

We took part in the World Read aloud day by having a Skype reading with Karen Inglis the author of “Ferdinand fox and the hedgehog”.
We did a project about hedgehogs ? . We would like to thank Karen Inglis Author for writing this interesting story. We enjoyed the story very much and the good ending and we learned a lot about hedgehogs and foxes from the facts at the back of the book. We can’t wait for your next book about Ferdinand.

February 2019

We cooked with children from Thailand ??!
We showed them how to prepare shopska salad and they showed us their cucumber salad.
Everyone did a great job! I am so proud of my students!
It was an experience we won’t forget!

It was an incredible year!