And we have just reached the seventh station of our navigation together and that is the NEUROLANGUAGE COLLECTIVE MAGAZINE Issue 7.

It has been a very promising and fascinating journey so far and with a flying start, which, we hope, will  be expanding positive spirits on this second issue. How could we possibly leave you without a review of the 5th NeuroHeart Education Conference?

We will include many articles from the speakers in the forthcoming issues but a first taste of what happened (or of what some of you missed…) will be my contribution to this issue today. Furthermore, in this issue Mazen Bsat stresses how important extracurricular activities are for academic prosperity and progress. As teachers and coaches we may momentarily feel that activities like these come as…secondary but they are essential for our students. “The mother who gave birth to this magazine”, the fascinating Sharyn Collins, hits the nail on the head and with beautiful simplicity explains why everyone in the teaching business should be a “Jack of all trades”; I am  sure everyone will agree that Sharyn has some great points there.

Jasmina Radivojša from Serbia gave me a very revealing interview regarding her journey and transformation from a “regular English teacher” to a “professional neurolanguage coach” ; I am sure that many of Jasmina’s experiences will resonate with yours and this interview may open a new path for you. Monika Brabers from The Netherlands has contributed a very insightful article on how “the Kaizen Mindset” in connection with Instagram, can help your learning by taking small steps towards a bigger goal; I personally found this technique very applicable to many other aspects of life.

Paul Sallaway is opening another “SAGA” for all of us with an enlightening interview about how you can boost your entrepreneurship skills  as a teacher online; Paul is an expert in the field and listening to him may have a precious positive  impact on your business online. Lhoussine Qasseras from Morocco will give us “a life lesson” of why teachers should always encourage students to develop their talents and pursue their dreams; an honest confession from an expert and an accomplished academic on why our lessons should be more humanistically focused. Last but not least, Nina Svorak from Ukraine, is making one of the cutest and most accurate parallelisms I have ever seen; neurolanguage sessions are like spa sessions. And Nina has many points to prove this to us.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride! The 2nd issue of the Neurolanguage Collective Magazine has just opened its doors to welcome  you! Read, find, explore, enjoy!