One amazing year filled with a lot of learning, personal growth, new friends and travels

My name is Galina Cholakova. I am from Bulgaria and I run a small language school in Sofia.

In 2019 I became the first certified Advanced Neurolanguage coach in my country and this experience has changed my life.

I started on a journey that will never stop. The desire for this journey was somewhere deep inside me but I didn’t expect that it would start in such a beautiful way, that I would discover Neurolanguage Coaching on Facebook, that I would have such a positive experience with this method and that I would meet Rachel Marie Paling in person. She is someone who inspires all of us with her amazing work. I started to understand the brain better and how fascinating it is. One amazing year filled with a lot of learning, personal growth, new friends and travels

When I applied for the first Neurolanguage course and was approved, I was more than happy. In our first session, I was really excited to find out that I would be communicating and working with people from different countries and continents. There were 9 of us from Europe, Asia and South America.The diversity of the group made the experience richer and we were really lucky to have Clare Crawford as our teacher, mentor and coach, who helped us in every possible way.

These people inspired and motivated me to study new languages and I started learning Spanish while on the course. The positive energy from this group was so contagious that even though I was super busy, I organized my day in such a way that I studied for 30 minutes every day. Studying a new language gave me a lot of useful insights and opportunities to observe my own brain and also helped me understand my students better and their learning.

When the course ended, I had to deal with a new challenge, to record my first initial session with a client. As I don’t like postponing things, the moment I felt ready to do it, I invited a student of mine and we recorded the session. Soon after that, I received an email from Rachel that I was certified as a Neurolanguage coach. What was really amazing, was that Rachel called me to congratulate me and we had a lovely conversation. She really made me feel special.

A few months after that, something amazing happened. I attended the 3rd Neurolanguage conference in Portugal and I had the chance to meet a lot of fantastic people there, to listen to interesting and inspiring lectures and to learn a lot. I met Rachel Paling, Clare Crawford and made friends with a lot of Neurolanguage coaches. I am so grateful to Elisabet Consul, who also attended the conference, and who agreed to have sessions together and to coach each other in our native languages. These connections are so valuable.

My summer holiday was also different because this year, I decided to do the Advanced level of the Neurolanguage course during my summer break. During the course, I really felt that I started to understand things even better and it helped me go deeper into some of the Coaching models and especially the Feeling model, which is my favourite.

I was so excited and my energy level was so high after the course that I wanted to share my knowledge with everyone. I don’t know how, but this genuine desire started attracting people and experiences in my life. In September, I was invited to give a talk in front of parents on the topic of motivation and learning. This was my first public speaking event and I definitely needed help.

I was impressed by Sharyn Collins at the conference and I was really touched by her presence, so I decided to contact Sharyn and I am really grateful for the help and the precious advice she gave me. Without her help, it would have been impossible to improve my public speaking skills. I also finished my work on my website and after only one month, I was contacted by three new clients who accepted my Coaching offer. The more clients I have, the more I feel the power of this method and its magic. I also had my first article published in the first edition of the Neurolanguage Collective magazine, which filled me with deep gratitude.

I am so thankful for everything that happened in 2019.This was a year for my personal growth, a year for new connections with brilliant and wise people from all over the world, a year for learning and a year, in which I discovered a new passion -studying new languages. I am also very proud that my desire to create something useful for my young students is now a reality. I am so happy that I am ready with a 8 hour-program for children aged 5-12, which will start at the end of October and which will help them understand how the brain works and will increase their own motivation and involvement in the learning process. I believe that this should be the first thing that children need to study at school and then everything else.

I am grateful that I started this great journey at the beginning of the year and I will continue walking on the Neurolanguage path together with you!

Galina Cholakova – the first certified and accredited Advanced Neurolanguage Coach in Bulgaria