Oh and if you don’t believe it, Nina has some very valid arguments to convince you.

You might say “Nina, are you crazy?NLC is a teaching session not a SPA experience ”. And you may be right. However, I would like to share some personal experience with you and dig deeper into the understanding of what atmosphere we possibly create for our learners.

Having been working as a neurolanguage coach for more than 2 years, I explained to my clients dozens of times what NLC is. And each dialogue, each conversation was different, each client needed their own definition of NLC. Later on, short or long blocks of sessions were planned, and sometime later my clients achieved the set goals. There came a day when we reached the finish line and needed to say goodbye, and I asked them to leave an honest and transparent feedback about our cooperation. I was really wondering if our clients really feel the difference between classic teaching and the service we provide, NLC. Do they get what they are promised and are they satisfied?  One of my old clients honestly said to me, “Nina,  our sessions  are similar to a spa procedure.” Surprised, I asked her to explain what she meant, since spas are usually associated with health, rejuvenation and healing beauty treatments. “That’s right, our classes make me healthier and, consequently, more confident, more beautiful.” Analyzing the feedback of other clients of mine, I came to the conclusion that a properly constructed series of language coaching sessions really gives the client a feeling of SPA procedures. The comprehensive, holistic approach really works. Let me share some more thoughts of some clients of mine on what NLC is.

Clarity + Direction: in the same way that tourists opening a travel map choose where to go, NLC clients feel confident in their actions, they know where they are going, and do not feel like they are in a dark room or the travelers lost in the middle of nowhere.

Individuality: among all possible foreign language teachers, students tend to choose those who respect their personality, take into account their character, interests, they prefer a coach who asks them what and how they want to learn.

The most important work takes place between sessions: there are students with whom we meet only once a week for 45 minutes, but they show extremely high results. How does it work? They see the secret of their success in their regular work on themselves between meetings with their coach. They have no doubt that they actually work 6 days a week, and on the day of the meeting with their NL coach clients are charged with fresh ideas and equipped with more modern tools, check whether they are in the right place of their language journey and if they are moving in the right direction. As one of my clients said, “NLC vitamins work when I take them – every day, not just during our sessions”

Responsibility: to be honest, not every client is able to establish such cooperation from the very beginning so that he feels his own responsibility for the learning process (old schemes and associations, stereotypes enrooted deeply into their unconscious behavior and learning habits). However, over the course of 7-10 sessions, this new feeling is gradually sprouting and those who have experienced it, say that they have become less lazy, more self-organized, began to monitor their time management, manage the time for their study and even sleep.

Transparency + honesty + openness: my learners already know and are accustomed to the fact that they can ask any question. They are certain that they won’t be criticized, misunderstood or left to deal with the problem on their own. They are absolutely aware that they can ask the same question 3-5-10 times unless they get it. And that forms and shapes a completely different level of interaction with the language coach.

24/7: Of course, NL coaches are privileged to have time for sleep and privacy, but most of my clients are conscious that they can contact me at any time of the day or night, on weekends or holidays. My response will reach them whatever the time zone is. BTW: the last question I got was about the right food to eat in the morning for better memory function

Calmness: Understanding how the brain works and why it reacts in a certain situation in a certain way, a student stops feeling ashamed or embarrassed that he/she does not know / does not understand a thing, and therefore admits that they get a sense of calmness (or in other words lack of anxiety).

Only have I mentioned the main ingredients of language coaching (from the point of view of (my) clients), but undoubtedly, all of them lead to the state of confidence. Confidence: in themselves and in the coach, in their interaction, in their knowledge and abilities, and as a result, in the fact that their potential will be unlocked and the time/energy/money will not be wasted.

And just as a proof, let me share a bit shortened testimonial of the client I mentioned above.

“Neurolanguage coaching is a discovery for me.  I realized my inner and natural motivation to learn English.  No doubt that neurolanguage coaching helps me to discipline myself, as my main work takes place between sessions. In addition, it is helping me gently transfer my life and work in English. As a result, I got a better understanding of the language from my worldview perspectives, I have lost the fear of speaking  with native speakers, I am getting confident and fluent”.

All of that is a feeling of comfort, comfort of being treated right. When your body is relaxed and the mind is calm, when you feel healthy from inside. Isn’t it a SPA service?